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Winter meetings 2ND Wednesday each month at 5PM at the Pizza Ranch in Mandan, ND


IMPORTANT! In order to obtain a more accurate number attending the campout – PLEASE call one of the HOST Committee one week prior to the campout if you are able to attend. If you signed at the last campout you do not need to call.


                                                                APRIl 27-28 Glen Ullin
                                                                LEAD HOST: Rosene
                                                                ASSISTANTS: Bieber, Jochim

                                                                Friday Evening (Can of soup & bring own sandwiches)
                                                                 (No cream soup)
                                                                 Saturday AM: Toast & Coffee
                                                                 Saturday Evening: Pot Luck

                                        MAY 18-19,  Graner/ changed to Hamond Lake Camp ground
    North of Mandan just off of 1806.
                                                                LEAD HOST:  McConnell
                                                                ASSISTANTS: Hatzenbihler

                                                                Friday Evening (Pot luck)
                                                                Saturday AM: Toast & Coffee
                                                                Saturday Evening: Host couples Choice

                                                                JUNE 15-16 Lake Tschida

                                                                LEAD HOST: Hatzenbihler
                                                                ASSISTANTS:  McConnell

                                                               Friday Evening (Pot luck)
                                                               Saturday AM: Toast & Coffee
                                                               Saturday Evening: Host couples Choice

                                                               JULY 13-14 Luther Schoon Ranch

                                                               LEAD HOST: Schoon
                                                               ASSISTANTS: Biebers                          
                                                               Friday Evening (Pot luck)
                                                               Saturday AM: Toast & Coffee
                                                               Saturday Evening: Host couples Choice

                                                              JULY 30- Aug. 5 State Samboree Eagles Valley City

                                                              LEAD HOST: XXXXXXX
                                                             ASSISTANTS: XXXXXXX
                                                             Friday Evening (Pot luck)
                                                             Saturday AM: Toast & Coffee
                                                             Saturday Evening: Host couples Choice
                                                   North Dakota State Samboree                                                           

                                                  Valley City, July 30 - August 5 Valley City Eagles

                                                           SEPTEMBER 21-22 Pick City

                                                            LEAD HOST:  Harsch
                                                           ASSISTANTS:  Ritter, Fritz

                                                           Friday Evening (Pot luck)
                                                           Saturday AM: Toast

                                                           Saturday Evening: Host couples Choice

                                        2018 Events

                                   Our June 15 & 16 campout was at Lake Tschida.
                       This is a beautiful area. We were in the down stream camp ground.

                                                  Conversations were abundant.

                                         getting ready for the meeting.

                                   Our president and Sec. enjoying a joke.

                                   Our May 18 & 19 campout was at Harmon Lake North of Mandan.

                                          This is a man made lake.

They have facilities, the trees are small now but will be great when they grow up.

Three campers and 8 that drove in.

this was breakfast in Hatzenbihlers camper

All were comfortable.

Great breakfast!

                                   April 27 and 28 campout was warm but windy at Glen Ullin.
                                          Friday attendance was small.

                                                     The Hosts did their usual good job.

                                      The Saturday attendance had more of the drive ins in attendance.

                                                         2017 Events
               This is our September  15 and 16 meeting at Beulah. 
                This was early morning on the 15 with just the committee and a few early birds.

                       Conversations, cards and puzzles.


                                  There was a good turnout.

              Fran and Earnest Fritz were celebrating their 59 anniversary on this 15th day of Sept.

              Got to watch that you don't over cook the spaghetti!

    And what about the garlic toast?  I think Louise was moving to get out of the picture, got you.

            One of the few times you can catch Virginia sitting down!

                                    August Meeting was at Valley City
The normal reports were given. Wilbert and Harry reported on places for next years
meetings.  A discussion followed and what is proposed is:  Glen Ullin in April,  Grainer bottoms South of Mandan in May, June at Lake Tschida, July at Luther Schoons ranch, August at the 2018 Samboree/rally, and September at Pick City.  The ladies tea was a big success again.

                                      July 20 - July 23, 2017 at Luther Schoon's ranch
There were 24 campers present and all chapters were represented with the exception of the Sakakawea  Chapter.  Things we do the best, converse and eat!

                   It was warm, so many found shade.

                     Luther and Luana have 2 decks and often times that's where the food was being placed.

                                                           More preparation.
                         Hey Bob looks like you are checking things out.

               Campers, campers and more campers, they were situated many places.

                                                   Better angle of those on the South.

                       Campers to the North near the Quonset.

                  Those on the North side of the garages.

                      And Wilbert and Louise were parked just to the Southwest of the house.

      On Friday afternoon we caravanned to Lemmon to see the Chief Kokomo Gallery. John Lopez is the sculpturist and explained his work. 

           The sculptures all done in  metal and bronze, lots of times using junk ground articles he had found.

      Here's the group in the hall listening to his venture.

         This shows 2 buffalo fighting and if you look closely it tells the story of the Custer massacre.

               An art selection of an octopus.

        Outside on the north side of the building is a new work of a moose.

         Boss Cowman Square.

           On Friday evening Luther and Luana with the help of Bob Hatz and Wilbert a fish fry was the supper.
                 Oh, Oh, good!

        tables were set up on the East side of the house.

                        Everyone had a wonderful time.

            Here are the guys cooking the fish in hot oil.

         On Saturday night we had a meat ball and mash potato supper prepared by Olivia & Bob, with every body providing the addional eats.

       the cooks were the last to eat.

   On Sunday those that stayed, caravanned to Regent and set up our campers than off to see the enchanted HI way.   The Farmer sculpture the 1st one come North from Regent.

        Number 2, is the sculpture of  Teddy Roosevelt and the stage coach.

  One of our guests from Velva ND, Vern Kelly took a closer look at the Stage Coach.

       Number 3  Is the Pheasants.

         Number 4 the Fish.

      Number 5  the grass hoppers.

         More of the grass hoppers.

   Number 6 is the Deer.

           And way back in there is a maze made of iron and steel.

       These are some that are in Regent at the Enchantment center.  We also had supper at the Enchanted Castle which has been built on the school grounds in the last few years. It has a restaurant, bar, and rooms to rent.

   And number 7 is the sculpture of the geese as seen from I94.

                              June 16-17, 2017 Lake Tschida - downstream camp ground
                                                   There was a nice shelter where we camped.

                            A view of shelter with campers around.

                                                    The area had room for all 5 of our campers.

                                          Bob was playing old - time music on his player.

                                             Getting ready to have lunch.

                                                     Just relaxing.


                                             Playing games.

                                Friday night main course was German krout with "nip", 5 doing the nips.

                                            Was a beautiful view of the hills around the heart river.

                                                May 19-20, 2017 Pick City

                                            Parking lot in Pick City at City building

                                           Our group meeting at 9 am on Saturday

                                           Those members in attendance.


                                          members on the other side of room.


                                             more participating in games.

                                                April 28-29, 2017 Mandan Eagles Park                                               

2016 Events

Meeting for September 2016
at Glen Ullin

                                   The Committee and helpers 

                                 The Northern Lights chapter from Minot joined us.

Games time and Puzzles.

                                          Last campout of the year, we celebrate Christmas.

                                       Wilber brought his smoker and cooked pork loins.

                                                   And this is how they turned out, Great!

                          Much conversation.

                                               Our Officers have started the meeting.

                            Those in attendance.

                               A different angle.

Meeting for August at the Samboree
Saturday the 13th at 10:00 AM.

                July 14 - 15 campout at Schoon's
                          Luther & Luana's home

                                           20 campers were parked.

Members of Good Sam Chapters Southwest Trailblazers, Dakota Sunrise, and
Missouri River Breakers.
Get the party started, how about a taste of wine!

                                        Who is after seconds.
                               Supper time Thursday evening.

                                          Sitting round the fire. It was Olivia's birthday.

         Went to Lemmon, SD to see sites they are noted for.

 A wall mural on the side of a down town building.

                    A metal artist made this out of scrap iron.

                        Saturday Morning breakfast in a bag.

                June 17 and 18th campout at Pick City.

                May 20 and 21 at Beulah 2016.
                                 2nd campout of the year.
                            5 campers and those that drive in.

another view from the West.

and from the North.

Friday afternoon having coffee and relaxing.

Part of the host group.

President, Secretary, and treasurer.

Those in attendance.

Games and conversation.

More of the host group.

April 22-23 at Glen Ullin, 2016 1'st campout 2016.

                           The back side view of the club house.

          Those that were camping hooked up ready to depart Saturday night.

                                  The club  house at Glen Ullin (front side).

               Having some fun, look at those smiles!



                               Friday evening pot luck.


                               President getting ready for the meeting, others finishing breakfast
                                                 Saturday morning.

                           Making a point!

                                  Just starting the business meeting.

                           Attentive group at the business meeting.

              Host Committee, not pictured is Harry (taking the picture).  Almost looks like
                     they are praying for a good outcome.
                          The Gals on the committee do most of the work!

2015 camp out at Glen Ullin, April 24 - 25

Officers for 2015.  Myron, vice president conducting the meeting.

                    Luther, State director giving information about coming year.      

Pictures of attendees.  Some of camp out hosts.

Where we camped.

May 15 and 16, 2015 camp out at Beulah.
A few of us camped at the Beulah Civic Center

And there is a story to that, and there would have been more camping there!

            There are those visiting and officers taking time to prepare for an upcoming meeting.

                 Diligent in making preparations.

And than it's meeting time.

Those in attendance.

And then there were this puzzle (1000 pieces) to be conquered. 

It was a Marathon.  But these three seemed to be determined.

And one leader of the project was camera shy.

It turned out to be a 48 hr marathon, and it took many to help.

It wasn't all fun and games, the women had their 1'st meeting to discuss
plans for the tea at the Samboree.

Looks like an idea being demonstrated!

                  Camp out June 18, 19, and 20, 2015 at New Leipzig.

                  Those with campers set up North of the center.

                        Thursday night camping fire social.

                              A relaxing time.

               Friday morning breakfast.

                            More of the breakfast.

         Evening meal in Elgin.

Another puzzle. 

                  And Cards.

                          Visiting in the kitchen.

        Some of the Hosts  getting things set up.

Saturday night Hosts tail gate cooking.

        Same, not as much smoke.  You don't go away hungry! 

            Practicing the bean bag baseball.

Camp out at Pick city July 16 - 18, 2015
Group relaxing.

       When your tired you need to rest.

                                          Cards  and a chance to read the paper.

              How about a puzzle!

        Who's picking on who?

         They look pretty serious.

It's coming together.

                        It was a two day marathon but it got finished.

   The beauty of the valley within walking distance of the hall. 

2015 camp out at Center August 21-22
at the civic center

                                             Thanks to the kitchen helpers

                                    Business meeting coming up, president is preparing.

                     It was a hot afternoon in August, good to be inside.

                    Got started doing puzzles, now we have at least one every camp out.
                                 Mean while the girls are playing aggravation game,

               2015 Samboree   August 17 - 23

                           South West Trailblazers gals getting ready for the tea at Samboree

                The serving items, fruit, nuts, and a cake.

             The guests were usher in to the table to pick up the food and drink.

        Soon they were seated and enjoying a skit and jokes read by Louise.

                     More of the gals, I think there were pretty close to 80.

            More of the ladies attending.

            The escorts. (not Ray, he was just an observer).

                    September camp out at Glen Ullin 2015
      A few of us dry camped in the area just to the West of the main building.

                                     A different view of how the campers were parked.

                      There was a screened shelter next to where we were camping,
 and on Thursday night Luther and Luana provided a fish fry the rest of us  brought the other things to go with it.

     A good job by the hosts, as usual.

                Enjoying the company, catching up with what our friends have been doing.

      More views of those that were there.

         As we usually do at our September meetings we celebrate a Christmas exchange of gifts.

               Games, puzzles, and visiting.

         Another table of card players.

         The earlier picture of the gifts was before all had placed their gifts on the table.
































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